10PC Hyaluronic Lubricant Ultra-Thin Condom Condom Water-Soluble Men's Condom

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    Hyaluronic Lubricant Ultra-Thin Condom Condom Water-Soluble Men's Condom

Made of premium latex to help reduce risk, it contains smooth, premium lubricants with comfort and sensitivity characteristics,
The classic design with a special water spout provides extra security and makes you more happy and satisfied while having sex.
Material: Natural Latex
Width: 52 ± 2mm
Length: about 180mm
Lubricant: Water-soluble (hyaluronic acid)
Nature: colorless transparent natural fragrance
Product expiration date: 5 years (expiration date is on the packaging.)
1. Stationary brand condoms are made of natural latex, each of which is electronically detected.
Proper use of stationary brand condoms can help reduce the risk of pregnancy and the risk of infections from certain sexually transmitted diseases.
2. This product contains natural latex rubber ingredients, and few people can cause allergies.
At present, condom use is a universally effective method of international contraception and prevents the spread of disease and HIV infection in important ways.
3. The condom has a seminal vesicle, which acts as a lubricant and does not contain a killer. It should be stored in a cool, dry and sunny place.
The package includes:
10PC/20PC condoms

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