SmartCort-Mini automatic portable shredder

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Crushed food without wasting time.

It is now even easier to grind garlic and vegetables in general with SmartCort. Its stainless steel blades make precise, fast and efficient cutting. With just one click, your food is crushed in an instant! Without any effort. Feed baby food, grind garlic, nuts, meat, vegetables, spices and whatever else you want. Without wasting time and effort.

smartcort triturador alimento descontoo

SmartCort is super easy to clean, as it allows you to remove the covers, for proper hygiene.
Easy to use like you've never seen. Place your food in SmartCort, close the lid, press the button and you're done. Freshly ground food and fresh! With a capacity of up to 100 ml.
It requires no effort. Just cut the food and put it in your SmartCort. Keep your nails beautiful and healthy without damaging them in the kitchen.
SmartCort comes with a rechargeable USB cable.
Fully washable and hygienic.

Benefits of SmartCort:

  • Waterproof - Wash with ease, maintaining your family's hygiene and health.
  • Rechargeable - Don't worry about taste with batteries
  • Portable - Fits in any space
  • Effortless - Helps preserve your nails
  • Complete and easy cleaning - Super practical and fast

smartcort triturador alimento descontoo

Can I wash the slides, since it is refillable?

Yes. It is completely waterproof. You can put it in the water
How do I wash the slides?

For proper hygiene, you can easily dismantle your SmartCort to wash it.
Comes with batteries?

No. SmartCort does not need batteries. It comes with a rechargeable USB cable, so you don't have to worry about buying batteries, and you can use it whenever you want, wherever you are.
Can he handle grinding hard foods like nuts and garlic?

Of course! He was made just for that. :) To grind meats, spices and vegetables.

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