Swimming Pool Vacuum Jet Cleaning Tool Set

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🚀【Stronger Clean Power】
The integrated design of suction and cleaning can deepen the dirt in the pool seam and absorb the dirt from the brush to make cleaning easier.
⛑️【Safety Design】
Air-relief valves release excess suction and weighted to allow alternative movement on the pool floor and to prevent stress on the filter-pump and accidental damage to the pool.
Bayonet adjustable angle handle, all made of high-quality ABS material, portable buckle handle design, can adjust the handle angle according to cleaning needs, It is convenient and comes with a user-friendly design.
The vacuum storage tank has its own filter screen. When it cleans dirt, the dirt can be blocked in the water storage tank, prevent the dirt from sucking into the water pump, damage the equipment, and the removable storage bin design for easy cleaning and filtering of dirt.
PLUS Contain

1x Vacuum Jet Cleaning Tool Set
1x Salvage Net

EUR 1x Vacuum Jet Cleaning Tool Set
1x Salvage Net
  • Size: 34 × 19cm
  • Material: plastic

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