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Eyes Color Lens Eyes Cosmetic Makeup Eye Shadow

About the product:

Colored contact , 0 degree; Soft and easy to wear.

Made from high quality materials in the most advanced contact manufacturing facilities.

Perfect fit for party, Cosplay, Fashion Show, Halloween Makeup, Eyes Cosmetics and Make Your Eyes Bigger.

How to clean:

1. Wash your hands and dry, left hand flat, palms up, gently bend up to bowl-like, and then put the contact on the palm, put 5~8 drops of care solution.

2. The right hand index finger gently press the contact opposite clockwise or counterclockwise turn 30 times, and put it in a box for a new care solution.


Decrease contacting high temperture, keep it clean no matter when use it before or end.

Package Content:

2 Pcs Contact Lenses

























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