USB Nano Facial Spray Mist Machine

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Product description:
Keep your skin moist at all times
Whether you want to moisturize dry skin tones or calm irritated skin,
You can use a water diffuser to get cool and moisturizing effects anytime, anywhere!
By using high-tech atomization and high-speed oscillation processes, it can dissolve molecular hydrogen into nanoparticles and quickly penetrate deep into the skin.
This immediately soothes tired skin, leaving it soft and supple, while also reducing wrinkles and alleviating skin irritation.
Nanoparticles: Produce a fine mist, penetrate deeply into the skin, moisturize the skin without damaging the makeup.
Long-lasting makeup: it refreshes your makeup throughout the day
Fresh: This keeps you relaxed and cool in hot weather and keeps your skin hydrated in winter
Younger skin: cooling function shrinks pores and makes skin firmer
USB Rechargeable: Helps you enjoy a refreshing mist anytime, anywhere
Versatile: It can also be used as a mobile power source for emergency charging of smartphones
Compact design: slim, slim and portable enough to carry in your wallet
Material: ABS
Battery capacity: 550mAh
Water tank capacity: 30 ml
Charging time: 2 hours
Size: 9 x 4 cm
Connector type: USB
Color: white / pink
Package Included:
1 x sprayer
1 x USB charging cable

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