Penis Vibrator Glans Vibrator Penis Trainer Massager Sex ToyMasturbator For Men

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Penis Vibrator Glans Vibrator Penis Trainer Massager Sex ToyMasturbator For Men

Important information


  • 2nd generation penis massager - this vibrator is ideal for a couple for foreplay flirting. Three raised beans can not only massage the penis and testicles for men, but also stimulate the clitoris and nipples for women. This upgraded vibrator is perfect for any sensitive area of the body, bringing sexual teasing pleasure.
  • Unique size design - The unique design shape with three petals makes this vibrator suitable for different sizes of penis. This sex toy can perfectly wrap the penis from 3 cm to 5 cm diameter. The inner parts are full of 60 raised particles that can give you 360° stimulation and an amazing orgasm.
  • Penis trainer - The Viciviya penis massager is a great endurance training device. The 60 small particles objects wrap the penis glans in all dimensions, surround, vibrate, rub and maximise your penis, so that the ability to tolerate the sensitivity of the penis can improve your aim to achieve extended ejaculation.
  • High-quality silicone - This stimulator is made from velvety, medical and flexible silicone. The top handle design is not only suitable for holding by hand, but also has the function of shock absorption. One-touch button - very practical. When in use, you only need your thumb to switch between the 10 vibration modes.
  • Viciviya individual design - The Viciviya glans vibrator is designed for couples and pleases both his and her erogenous zones. This elegant vibrator has a stylish design. Design - The thickening treatment makes it extremely wear-resistant and easy to clean. A simple rinse with water and soap leaves the device ready for use again later. USB charging makes it easier for travel - say goodbye to battery problems.


Legal Disclaimer
1.Reinigen Sie das elektrische cockringe vor und nach Gebrauch mit warmem Wasser und Seife.
2.Vor dem ersten Gebrauch muss das Produkt vollständig geladen sein.
3.Betreiben Sie das Gerät nicht und berühren Sie es nicht während des Ladevorgangs.
4.Nachdem das Produkt einige Zeit nicht genutzt wurde, laden Sie es bitte vor der Verwendung des Produkts auf.

Product description

Flower petal point design:
The tube in the shape of petals can not only wrap your penis easily, but the three small points of the petals touch you gently, so you can enjoy greater pleasure throughout. In addition, you can use these three small points to stimulate your partner's nipples and clitoris. This is definitely your best stimulator and the best choice for foreplay.

Skin-friendly material:
This glans stimulator is made of skin-friendly silicone and ABS material, is super soft and comfortable. Just like a woman's hand gently touching your penis, it can bring you endless lingering. In addition, there are 60 small particles inside that can play the role of rubbing and massaging.

One-button operation:
The one-button operation is very simple and convenient. With this button, you can switch the glans stimulator on or off or set the vibrator mode directly. During the charging process, a charging reminder is shown: the indicator light flashes slowly and glows blue.

Powerful motor:
This glans stimulator is equipped with a very strong motor and 10 different vibration modes. Low wake-up speed, medium speed for adapting, high speed for stimulation - lets you feel the beauty of s-e-x on different levels.


Package Content:
1 x men Vibrator

1 x USB Charging Cable

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